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About us

Ethical Sourcing

Top Stone Distribution supplies a wide range of natural stone products including paving cubes, granite setts, floor tiles, table tops, kitchen counters, fireplaces, windows sills & much more. Available in a range of colours, and materials such as Granite, Marble & Labradorite.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our natural stone, with its timeless appearance, style and durability.

Our natural stone products are suitable for a wide range of tasks, such as exterior landscaping, natural paving for parks, and for the construction of pavements or roads. We can supply a wide range of colours, from the usual grey or black, through to shades of green, yellow or red. Our paving stones come in many different sizes, textures and shapes, giving more options for creativity, with the natural beauty of stone enhancing any design.

The durability of natural stone means that it resistant to extremes of cold or heat, and able to withstand freezing and harsh winter conditions without damage. Natural stone can is resistant enough to withstand impacts, and will not chip or crack. All our products are low maintenance, and pay for themselves after only a short time, when other materials start to show the signs of age and require expensive repairs.

Please contact us for more information about any of our products, or a no-obligation quote.

As human rights and environmental issues are becoming a bigger concern of the companies, we put particular emphasis on ethical sourcing of all our natural stone. Appropriate health, safety and employment practices are involved throughout quarries, stone processing yards and supply chain. There is a series of steps taken to ensure that working conditions meet international standards. We aim at creating an environment in which the employees are not exploited or discriminated. Moreover, we strongly disapprove of child or bonded labour. In our workplaces equity, security and freedom are promoted. Top Stone is truly commited to giving its workers fair wages, working hours and equal opportunities. There are trade unions to ensure that all the laws and regulations are observed. We strive to maximally reduce strikes, accidents and staff turnover, as we believe that safe, content and adequately rewarded long-term workers are a real asset to the company.

Top Stone is also strongly concerned with environmental impact and aims at minimising any harmful influence. In order to do that, we operate in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The use of recycled and reclaimed materials is preferable. When processing materials, we choose the methods which allow reducing waste and the need for hazardous goods is limited to the necessary minimum. Whenever feasible, we favour environmentally suitable materials.

It is also of primary importance that we deliver the best value to our customers and that the communication with them is always fair and open. We focus on integrity in all our business transactions and aspire to be a partner who is trustworthy and reliable at all times.