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In the City Centre

As granite is currently experiencing its renaissance, providing an attractive alternative to artificial, dull and easily damaged concrete, it is widely used in commercial surroundings, decorating city centres in many corners of the world. There are plenty of reasons for the popularity of granite as a building material: it is renowned for high compressive strength and impact resistance, low abrasion and water absorption, as well as total resistance to freezing. It is an entirely natural material, extracted from earth with explosives. The beauty of stone cannot be beaten by any man made products. Thanks to extraordinary colours and texture, natural stone items blend with all kinds of surroundings, both traditional and contemporary. It suits busy urban places and peaceful retreats such as parks and squares. Choosing granite leads to considerable savings in the costs of maintenance – this material is famous for long lifespan and outstanding durability – it does not chip, flake or crack, it is stain-free and various methods of processing give the product non-slip finish, making it a perfect choice for pedestrian areas. Moreover, the toughness of stone allows to use it in increased traffic areas. Wear and weather resistance are a guarantee of constant usage of paved surfaces without the need of repairs or replacement. Natural stone products can be successfully combined for an aesthetically pleasing outcome. All the presented projects have been created with the same materials that we offer in our online store. Paths were laid out of fan-shaped paving slabs in black and white and outlined with matching endings. Pavements were made out of granite slabs and edged with small black and bigger silver grey cobbles. Walls were covered with stone cladding panels, with walling stone as a coping. Borders between walkways and lawns were marked with granite kerbs. These are only few possible applications – granite is so versatile, that imagination is the only limit.

In the Garden

As your garden is the place where you will spend the warmest and sunniest days of the year, it definitely deserves the right setting. Everyone will benefit from beautiful, strong and durable paved areas. Robust ground cover gives you extra outdoor space to play, relax, have a barbecue or sunbathe. Granite products are chosen for both lovely natural looks and functionality. Our granite setts, available in a few colour versions and sizes are definitely approppriate for several purposes. They are an ideal material for paths: small yellow and red cobbles were arranged in decorative patterns, with bigger silver grey cobbles used as edgings. Walkways were also built with flamed grey granite paving slabs with and granite setts completed the project. Granite walling stone was used to divide different parts of landscape into sections. Another option for paving were pre-assembled granite slabs – the elements were made out of carefully selected, handcrafted cobbles, sized 60x60x60mm, mounted on a concrete base. Our cobbles were also the building material for bridges. Apart from laying paths, natural stone goods are also right for driveways, patios, terraces and pool surrounds.

In Outdoor Living Areas

For a spectacular end effect granite materials can be combined with slate. The kind of slate used for manufacturing our products is truly unique – it is extracted from just one quarry, thus its colour or structure are one of a kind and cannot be replicated. Alike granite, it is also wear and weather resistant, which means that the stone finish only improves over time and the surfaces are built to last for decades. Irregular slate stones were the item of choice to form rustic, naturally looking paths. Dark brown stones were outlined with grey granite setts which highlighted extraordinary properties of slate. Another possibility to create paved areas was using regularly cut slate slabs – their shape definitely facilitates installation. Slate was also exploited for cladding as it is perfect for underpinning, fireplaces, terraces, walls, as well as creating decorative elements. Another potential application of slate was the construction of pond bed and surrounds. That type of stone perfectly complements green areas, thus it is certain to suit country landscapes.