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sawn granite setts

Sawn Granite Setts Silver / Grey

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer rating(s)
2 Review(s) / Add Your Review
Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

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Sawn granite setts are subject to three different methods of processing. Thus, sawn setts will add beauty and functionality to any outdoor application.

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Sawn Granite Setts

Swan granite setts one of the varieties of our most popular product are granite setts cropped on four sides and sawn granite setts on top and bottom. This finish will look particularly well in modern commercial applications.

Those features altogether lead to the fact that our paving is build to last. As cobbles are versatile, they can be used in a number of applications such as paving driveways, patios, paths, walkways, as well as creating edgings, borders and walls. Our natural stone products are designed to provide a good looking and durable ground cover for outdoor use. Because of the natural strength of stone that we have in stock, it is perfect for both pedestrian and increased traffic areas.


Granite, from which they are produced, is characterized by:

  • high compressive strength,
  • high impact resistance,
  • low abrasion,
  • low water absorption
  • total resistance to freezing.

Our high quality sawn granite setts are ethically sourced from a major quarry in central Europe, and offer extreme durability with the ability to last for hundreds of years. They are perfect to withstand the British weather and resistant to chips and cracks, with their finish only improving over time. Another advantage of this material is that it requires no maintenance and retains elegant look for years to come without the need for modernization or adjustments.

The sawn granite setts are cropped on all six sides and available in a range of different sizes.

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What size should you choose?

Sawn granite setts come in two basic sizes, that is 100x100x80 and 200x100x80. Smaller cobbles are perfect for domestic projects and provide the right paving material for paths or patios. When it comes to commercial areas with increased traffic, such as driveways, bigger cobbles are suitable, for added durability and resistance. To obtain an attractive visual effect, use the combination of both sizes and enjoy the beauty of stone, which, thanks to special processing, is characterized by vivid colour and clearly visible texture. Our recommended applications of particular dimensions of the granite setts are described below.

Apart from the aforementioned sizes, we can also supply products manufactured individually to your specification. Please call for details.

Size200x100x80100x100x80100x100x80 & 200x100x80
Product imagesawn granite settssawn granite settssawn granite setts
Pack5 m25 m25 m2
UseSuitable for driveways and heavy traffic areasSuitable for driveways and heavy traffic areasMixture of setts sized 200x100x80 and 100x100x80

Natural Split / Sawn / Flamed Finish

One of the ways of giving the granite unusual texture is The Natural Split. It is a method of processing stone based on spliting it by hand. As a result, material has a rough finish. That particular manner of stone treatment may lead to the variations of approximately 1 cm in size of the cubes. Sawn granite setts and cobbles get a natural, rustic look, which is very popular with the customers and perfect for a traditional layout. Natural Split Finish is applied to four sides of each sett. Top and bottom are sawn for a regular, smooth surface.
Top of each cube is additionally flamed, that is treated with high temperature, which makes the crystals in the stone burst. Thanks to this,  la becomes non-slip and  natural colour and texture  of granite are enhanced.

sawn granite setts

If you like this product

but lack inspiration on how to apply it or need a faster, easier and more efficient way of installation, we have a perfect solution for you. The same granite setts are available in a form of pre-assembled elements which will create a multitude of patterns. Choose the one which suits your taste and budget.

Sale decorative patio paving
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Granite paving fan
Granite setts silver grey shaped fan
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Product Delivery

All our products are delivered in 1000kg big bags on pallets. We additionally wrap the bags in stretch film in order to ensure secure transport. Coverage is estimated. This item is available with the option of free delivery to the most of the UK mainland postcodes. Standard shipping time  is between 3 and 5 working days. Next day delivery is also possible, however, this includes extra charges. While ordering a full load of 24 tons, goods will be delivered for free in the entire UK.


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Two sizes mix (1 pallet 5m2), Two sizes mix (24 pallets, 119 m2), 100x100x80 (1 pallet, 5m2), 100x100x80 (24 pallets, 119 m2), 200x100x80 (1 pallet, 5m2), 200x100x80 (24 pallets, 119 m2)

2 reviews for Sawn Granite Setts Silver / Grey

  1. Angela
    5 out of 5


    Top and bottom sawn cobbles turned out to be exactly as I expected – vivid colour, precise finish and modern, elegant looks.

  2. Jerry
    5 out of 5


    As I wanted to construct a new driveway, I ordered the entire lorry of top and bottom sawn granite setts. I was really pleased to have the goods delivered only after 7 days. After completing the job, I was stunned with the effect – my drive is perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing in it. Flamed finish is also quite unusual, so I came up with the approach to the house that no one else in the neighbourhood has. Well done Top Stone!

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